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In 2002, NEI BV transferred all its activities to its parent company ECORYS Nederland B,V. Since then, Ecorys is the trading name of NEI BV. 

Proud of 85 years of history

NEI was established in 1929 in Rotterdam as the Foundation The Netherlands Economic Institute (in Dutch: Stichting Het Nederlands Economisch Instituut) with the objective to carry out (applied) economic research. In the beginning, NEI was closely linked to the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and this co-operation was greatly strengthened by Nobel Laureate Professor J. Tinbergen. In the post-war period, NEI developed into an organisation that earned all its revenue from contract work, and its ties with the University were loosened.

In the nineties, the growing internationalisation of NEI's markets required a change of strategy and in turn a change in legal form. The organisation was split into a) foundation The Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI); and b) a limited liability company called NEI BV, with the foundation being the holder of shares in the company.

All operational tasks of the former Foundation were handed over to NEI BV. The new company, opted to follow a European internationalisation and diversification strategy to reflect the ongoing enlargement and integration of the European Union. As it also firmly believed that there was a demand, within Europe and beyond, for its independent and sound research and consultancy, NEI sought, and found, partners to implement this strategy. In January 1999, NEI BV merged with Kolpron Consultants BV (Rotterdam), following several years of successful co-operation between the two organisations. One year later, ECOTEC Research & Consulting (UK) joined the group, which took the name of Ecorys since October 2000.